Friday, 31 January 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Chinese New Year

I celebrated Chinese New Year with Keefe's Preschool 2 class this year.  His teacher has been "preparing" the class leading up to the New Year!  Here's the class holding up their coloured-in Chinese zodiac signs (either rat or ox) and their personalised Chinese names (which I asked a friend of mine in the school to translate).

During the week, the kids coloured their dragon masks and made their lanterns.  I made little books for them to colour and familise them with Chinese New Year vocabulary words.  I shared these slides and sang a classic Chinese New Year children's song with them.  I gave each child a red envelope with a pair of golden chocolate coins inside to represent lucky money.  I also gave each of them a personalised zodiac animal card with that animal's character traits.  The kids performed the dragon dance and had Chinese New Year treats (fortune cookies, pineapple tarts, mandarin oranges and wintermelon tea). 


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