Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patrick's Day Fun

This week is review week of the letters Q, R, S and T in playgroup so Kai made an S is for shamrock. 

At home, we had some activities from this printable pack.  It was Kai's first time using the pocket chart and loves to use it for matching the vocabulary cards.  He also used clothespins for the first time for counting practice (one-to-one correspondence of numbers 1 to 4 & number recognition) and it was great practice for those fine motor skills! (Honestly, I thought he couldn't do it!) We also did an uppercase and lowercase letter Cc sort - he didn't like this as much as the other activities.

Keefe also had some activities from this printable pack.  We worked on ordinal numbers (first, second, third, fourth, fifth) and he did perfectly!  He did the patterns super quickly only to realize (after I took the photo) that he made two mistakes so he quickly corrected them.  He enjoyed the clothespin activity as much as Kai.

The leprechaun visited Keefe’s class and in Keefe's words, “made a big mess”.  The class watched the movie “Leprechaun’s Gold”, made St Patrick’s Day hats (with the different symbols associated with the celebration) and had shamrock cookies.  He had a St Patrick's Day-themed bento for lunch.  Each child in the class had to make a wish for the leprechaun and Keefe's wish was: "I wish I had a baby sister." (Well apparently, 7 kids in the class wanted a baby sister!)  He also remembered to make a birthday card for me in school.  Inside the card, he wrote: "IIU mummy".

We celebrated my birthday at home in the evening blowing green candles I found in Aldi (because we didn’t have cake!) and a super simple dinner.  Belle made a crown for me because I was "Queen for a day"! 


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Happy belated birthday!

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