Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Aa is for Ants

This happened on Thursday, 10th April which was Day 4 (and the last day) of our letter Aa week.  I told Kai that we were preparing for his 3rd birthday so we will not be “doing school” on Friday.

We started by singing the Jolly Phonics song for letter Aa (/a/, /a/, ants on my arm).  Kai really loves this song.  We then watched Hey, Little Ant  being read online but Kai wasn't at all interested and closed the iPad after a few minutes.

Dot painting A is for ant, using clothespins to clip the correct number of ants (he loves this and did it a few times!), sorting uppercase and lowercase Aa's, hunting for lowercase a (he easily found the a's with the traditional manuscript font but needed help in identifying a's in other fonts)

We made our a is for ant craft.  Kai tore green paper and glued them onto the lowercase a to make it look like a torn paper collage.  I pre-cut 3 red circles and he glued them down.  I helped him with the ant's antennae (using pipe cleaners) but he glued down the two googly eyes.  We let it dry for a day before Kai drew the ant's six legs.

Kai hunted for ants in our garden using a magnifying glass.  He found a few and wanted to step on them!


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