Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mommy School ~ Mouse Paint

12.11.2013: We read "Mouse Paint" today.  I didn't know how long Kai's attention span was but he sat through the whole reading.

Before we started reading the book, I pointed to a colour in the book and asked him, "What colour is this?".  When we got to yellow, he asked me to stop asking him questions and pointed the colour on his own, while saying out the colour name.  He got stuck with the colour red for a while but eventually got it correct!

Kai coloured the Mouse Paint colour book, but doesn't understand the concept of colour mixing yet.  I told him that if he mix the colours yellow and blue, "magic" will appear!  I don't think he even noticed the colour change (2nd picture from left).  14.11.2013: We did the roll & graph worksheet but he wasn't interested in rolling the die and saying out the mouse's colour.  He gave up after graphing the first row.  We will give this one another try when he is bigger.      


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