Monday, 19 January 2015

Mommy School ~ Xx is for X-ray and Xylophone

There were not a lot of activities we could do with the letter Xx.

Kai did a lot of tracing but made a conscious effort to trace along the lines only once (notice the smiley face?).
X is for X-ray printable pack

We made our x-ray craft using q-tips.  Kai remembered doing a similar activity with her playgroup teacher when they did x-ray hands back in November.

Kai also did a colour-by-number activity, which tied in nicely with the xylphone craft he did back in November at playgroup. 

Kai has been working on recognising the Chinese characters 1-5 for a few months now.  I laid down some q-tips on a paper and asked him to put the correct Chinese character beside the q-tips.  He was very happy when he got everything correct!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mommy School ~ Ww is for Weather

We are back with Mommy School after a month long winter break!  Kai missed playgroup yesterday and today due to an eye infection.  We squeezed in some time to work on letter Ww.

We read What Makes the Weather? and followed it up with a weather craft.  We talked about which type of weather he likes most and he said, "sunny and cloudy". 

We did some weather printables and surprised me with his mastery of ABAB patterns.

Today, we made our winter scene craft.  I painted three of Kai's fingers to form the lowercase w.  Next, Kai used the end of a coloured pencil, dipped it into white paint and stamped it on the blue paper to make snow.  I drew the snowmen after the paint dried and Kai commented, "three handsome snowmen puppets"! 

Kai brought out the Leapfrog Fridge Words toy today, played it for a while and built a word with his name!

And finally, a walrus craft that Kai did in playgroup last November during letter Ww week.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello, 2015!

We rang in the New Year as a family in Marseille, France.  There were no big fireworks to count down the New Year but we enjoyed the pretty views from the Old Port underneath a clear, blue sky. 

A New Year means staying organised with a new planner!  My Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2015 Planner came last month, complete with a personalised name bookmark & metallic pin bookmark.  Love the embroidered cover with the Starbucks Siren holding a hot coffee mug!

A New Year also means new resolutions!  Belle missed school today but we managed to make a New Year's resolution craft (writing activity from The Starr Spangled Planner).  How cute are the eyes and necklace that she drew?!?

And finally, our littlest one turned 45 months old today.  In three more months, he'll be turning 4!