Monday, 19 January 2015

Mommy School ~ Xx is for X-ray and Xylophone

There were not a lot of activities we could do with the letter Xx.

Kai did a lot of tracing but made a conscious effort to trace along the lines only once (notice the smiley face?).
X is for X-ray printable pack

We made our x-ray craft using q-tips.  Kai remembered doing a similar activity with her playgroup teacher when they did x-ray hands back in November.

Kai also did a colour-by-number activity, which tied in nicely with the xylphone craft he did back in November at playgroup. 

Kai has been working on recognising the Chinese characters 1-5 for a few months now.  I laid down some q-tips on a paper and asked him to put the correct Chinese character beside the q-tips.  He was very happy when he got everything correct!


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