Monday, 25 August 2014

Mommy School ~ Jj is for Jungle and Jacket

Since we just came back from summer vacation, I decided to take it easy with Kai for the letter Jj which we did over a few days.

Jj is for Jungle

We read “Walking through the Jungle” on the first day.  I put out felt animals found in the book and gave them to Kai to use as retelling pieces.  We also made movements like what the little boy did in the book.

We followed this up with a “who lives in the jungle” worksheet and a jaguar craft.

On the second day, Kai did a dot-marking page and a letter identification page.

Jj is for Jacket

Today, we read “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow”.  I placed the sequencing cards in the pocket chart and Kai picked the matching card as we read the book.

We made a jacket craft afterwards and called it a day!


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