Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mommy School ~ Kk is for King

~Kai is {almost} 41 months~

We read My “k” book yesterday and Kai learnt new words like kingbird, kaleidoscope, kitten, kettledrum, kid (baby goat), katydid, keg.  He did a bit of math yesterday night because he wanted to “study” like Belle & Keefe.  Here he was circling sets of 2 objects and 3 objects.

One of his preschool teacher's goals for Kai was for him to independently write his name by the end of this year.  We have been practicing writing his name at home through tracing.  Yesterday, he told me he didn't want to trace and wrote his name independently.  Hooray!

We made our king craft to complete our Kk day.  The glitter was messy!


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