Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Peek into 2nd Grade ~ 1st 6 Weeks

The school had an Open House last Monday so I had the opportunity to sit in and observe how learning was conducted in a second grade classroom.  The subjects I observed were German, P.E. and Unit of Inquiry.  Children are assigned to different groups according to their ability for German.  So Belle is with 12 other 2nd graders for her German class and the teacher converses only in Deutsch.  How much Belle took in - I have no idea!  

Here are some photos I took from Open House:

Inside Belle's classroom

Belle's class bulletin board display & a close-up of her work

Some posters inside Belle's classroom

Belle rehearsing her Hobby Shop presentation in front of her peers

Bulletin board display of other second grade classes

Belle during P.E. class (she forgot her indoor P.E. shoes!)

The second graders had their Hobby Shop Exhibition today.  For the past six weeks, they have been learning about their hobbies and learning styles.  The central idea was that the children's hobbies can reflect how they learn best.

The Hobby Shop exhibition is a product of the students’ research and inquiry into their hobby (something that they like to do in their free time).  The process includes identifying what they know, formulating questions and locating key information.  Each child was encouraged to consider their learning style when making their project.  For Belle’s case, she is a visual, linguistic and auditory learner.  She presented “Rainbow Loom” as her hobby and included research facts on the inventor, etc.  She also brought samples of loom bands and charms she had made to present during the exhibition. Here are some photos I took of her and other second graders’ presentation:

Some of the other children's hobbies included ice skating, rock climbing, soccer, skiing, scuba diving, dophin riding, horseback riding.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the classroom and bulletin boards! So colourful and lively. And the P.E. room! It is huge! I think my kids would love to study in that school. :)

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