Friday, 8 May 2015

Learning at Home with {Caps for Sale}

~Kai is 49 months old~

This week, we read Caps for Sale which Kai loves.  He read the book over and over again.  His favourite part was: Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!  I collected all the caps we had at home and realised we had a checked cap.  He happily wore it and I took a picture of him in our backyard.  He practiced balancing all the caps on his head and tried walking with them, just like the peddler in the book.

Kai worked on the beginning sounds /m/ and /p/.  He would say each word and sound out the first letter. We also practiced rhyming words and surprisingly, he did very well!  I thought he would confuse the beginning sound and ending sound, but he didn't!

I made some preposition cards and we headed outside with Boots the Monkey to practice prepositions.

We are working on recognising numbers 11-15.  Kai knows the number 11 well because we ride the tram 11 to the "big school" every day.  We did this number flippy book together and watched Harry Kindergarten's Numbers in the Teens video.  I made a number mat for him to practice number recognition.  I call out a number and he places a counter on the corresponding number.

We started and progressed with Lesson 1 of this book and I was happy that he could recognise almost all the words!  From the picture, you can see him reading the phrase and matching the phrase to the correct picture.  I cut out all the words from Lesson 1, call out a word and Kai would glue the word onto the blue paper.

Kai coloured 17 caps using the same colours from the book and stacked them up on top of the peddler's head, just like in the book!

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