Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pinterest Pick 3 ~ November Edition

I've been scouring Pinterest lately planning for Kai's preschool Thanksgiving feast, even though it's three weeks away!  Here are my top three picks:

This adorable paper bag turkey filled with popcorn would be a great centrepiece for the table.  I will probably need to make two since there are 17 preschoolers.  Maybe I'll even ask our new Junior School principal to do the honours of "carving" the turkey!

How cute are these paper pilgrim hats and bonnets? A must-do!

I remember Keefe doing this thankful turkey handprint two years ago.  Can't believe it's time to do it again!


Inspired Owl said...

I love the paperbag popcorn- I pinned that too! Love the Pilgrim hats and the handprint turkeys! The feathers add such a cute twist on the turkeys! Thank you for sharing and linking up with us!

Deborah said...

ha, my girls would love a turkey full of popcorn! :o)

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