Friday, 29 January 2016

Exploring the Arts ~ Week Two

Here's to our second week of making art!

Bunny Paper Weaving Art

Kai wove (he called it “sewed”) red strips of paper through the slots of a pre-cut blue rabbit with up/over and down/under motion. After weaving, the ends of the strips were glued down at the back, and details on the rabbit’s face and feet were added. It was a good activity to practice fine motor skills, as well as to reinforce patterns (to achieve the checkerboard effect).

Monet-Inspired Water Lilies

We watched Linnea in Monet’s Garden which tells the story of a little girl who travels to Monet’s gardens. Kai then created his Monet-inspired water lilies art (using the pattern found here). Following Monet’s style, blue paint was dabbed onto a white paper over and over.  The lily pads were painted with dabs of green and yellow, and the lilies were painted with dabs of yellow, orange and purple.  We layered the water lilies so that they look like layered lilies. Kai was amused by Monet's name and how he had lots of beard!

Aboriginal Handprint Art

Kai's class celebrated Australia Day on Wednesday so I thought of making an aboriginal art with him after school.  I traced Kai’s right hand onto a kraft paper. Using Q-tips, Kai started applying paint to the outline of the hand by dotting, then working inwards using ‘nature’ colours (traditional aboriginal colours).  Belle helped him with the background, as he got tired after painting so many dots!

Sushi Food Art

In Japan, food models (called sampuru) can be found displayed in front of restaurants. Making plastic food is an art in itself in Japan and has existed for almost a century. They have even been exhibited at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum!  

To make paper sushi rolls, Kai rolled rectangular strips of black paper (to represent nori) and rolled them into a circle. Cotton balls (to represent rice) were then inserted and condiments were added on top (green for cucumber, orange for salmon). The tamago (egg omelette) sushi was made in a similar way.  Keefe saw us making sushi art and wanted to make his own.  This was my favourite art project for the week!

Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea Art

Kai has been singing Baby Beluga lately which inspired this art.  Kai glued down the ends of pre-cut blue and white rectangular paper strips to make water waves.  We used the tutorial from this site to create the whale.

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Jolanthe Erb said...

So many cute art projects!!! Love them and pinning!

Amanda said...

These are wonderful! I will be starting a new job as a Montessori teacher soon and I am always on the lookout for new and interesting craft and art projects. I am adding these projects to my files!!

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