Friday, 21 February 2014

Gymboree Preschool 1 {Letter Ss and Winter Olympics}

Zoo-Phonics Animal: Sammy Snake
Motion: Move your hand forward in the serpentine manner of a snake, saying /s/.

Kai's preschool class continued with the Winter Olympics theme this week.  They made a leaf crown (the "kotinos" which was the prize for the winner of the Ancient Olympic Games) and a medal.  Crafts they made for the letter Ss this week included a flat snake (decorated with shapes and some glitter), a spiral snake and a snowball (cotton glued onto a rounded cardboard).  They also worked on some letter Ss worksheets this week (words starting with S, pre-writing and matching).

At home this week, we worked on some Winter Olympics printables, which tied in perfectly with the preschool's Ss week (Ss for skiing, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, speed skating).  Kai's pencil grip is getting better as can be seen from the first two photos above.  It was his first time working on a matching printable (vocabulary introduced: "the same") and a 'which one is different?' printable (vocabulary introduced: "different").


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