Friday, 28 February 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Fasnacht 2014

Fasnacht is BIG in Basel.  It is Basel's famous carnival and called by the locals as the "most wonderful three days".  Our first encounter with Fasnacht was last February 2013 when we first moved to Basel.  We had no clue what it was about except that there were lots of confetti, music and masks.  The kids found the masks scary and enjoyed receiving candies more than anything else!  

Weeks preceding Fasnacht, Keefe's preschool class started preparations for the annual preschool parade which involved making masks and costumes, and learning about Fasnacht (the history, the traditional costumes, the musical instruments and music, and the traditional Fasnacht dishes!).  Each class in preschool gets to choose a fairy tale that is representative of that class' teacher's country.  Keefe's class theme was "The Frog Prince" from Sri Lanka.  His class also had the privilege of having the author of the Fasnacht book called “Wie der Konig vom Eiszapfenland an die Basler Fasnacht kam” visit his class to talk about Fasnacht.  Keefe absorbed so much that he could talk to us about Fasnacht and sing Fasnacht songs!  Here are photos of the Fasnacht celebration and annual preschool parade! 

(L-R): handprint Waggis collage, confetti decor in class, enjoying Fasnachtschüechli (crispy carnival biscuits)



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