Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Grade 1 ~ Healthy Bodies

At the end of each unit of inquiry, first graders share their work to their parents.  For the past two months, the first graders have been inquiring into “Healthy Bodies”.  

Belle had her 4th portfolio sharing session yesterday and she shared her final project, which was a poster she made to show what she has learnt about staying healthy.  She broke down her poster (titled “How to Be Well-Balanced”) into four components: Nutrition, Germs, Exercise, Hygiene, provided facts and examples for each component.  I thought it was well done because she included detailed information and drawings in her poster.

Belle showed me her imaginary germ called “Valentine” who spreads only good germs to people.  How creative is that! J

Belle shared her portfolio folder with me but singled out her favourite activities to share in detail.  One was a glitter experiment, and the other one was hunting for germs.  I thought the germ-hunting experiment was quite interesting ‘cos each student had to take a cotton swab to collect some germs, spread the swab into a pool of tomato paste, observe how their germs “grow” after a few days.  Belle took a swab from under her chair and it turned out to be a tiny germ (but still yucky!).  She told me that her friend Bibi took a swab behind the interactive whiteboard and it turned out to be a BIG germ that she didn’t even want to touch it!


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