Friday, 28 March 2014

Gymboree Preschool 1 {Letter Ww}

Zoo-Phonics Animal: Willie Weasel
Motion: Place your arms in front of your chest, elbows up, and hands clasped on top of one another. Move your arms in a wave-like motion. This suggests what Willie Weasel looks like when he is running. While signalling, say the letter sound /w/.

For this week, Kai’s teacher decided to skip letter Vv and do letter Ww for weather.  We had sun, rain, hail (on Monday!), clouds and wind this week in Basel so it was timely for a weather theme.  Kai did a storm and rainbow craft for the weather theme.  They did free painting yesterday and made a fish with a fishing rod today.  Kai was a classroom helper early this week and got a green smiley face on his hand for being a great helper!


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