Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Peek into Kindergarten ~ 2nd 6 Weeks

For the past two months, the bulletin boards adorning the kindergarten corridor had been about autumn leaves, shapes, lines and patterns.
I couldn't resist taking photos of these adorable autumn handprint art made by the preschoolers!
After the autumn break, the kindergarteners started their new unit of inquiry, "Mix It Up".  
Bulletin board inside the classroom
Initial assessment of what the children know about solids, liquids and gases through drawings
This unit involved a lot of hands-on experiments, with the help of Discovery Dog.  Keefe's class mixed up solids and liquids, and changed the state of matter as part of the inquiry and investigation process.

Undeniably, his most favourite experiment was when they mixed "magic powder" (Insta-Snow) and water to create...instant snow!  

Keefe was exposed to new vocabulary words and would come home talking about new words he learnt like "dissolve", "hypothesis" and "evaporate".  One of the words the class learnt was "particles", which the teacher explained they couldn't see.  So the class acted out the particles that make up a solid, liquid and gas.  How creative!

Towards the end of the unit, the kindergarteners were asked to plan and carry out an experiment where they could change matter to a different state.  Keefe decided he wanted to make an ice lolly experiment (changing a liquid to a solid, and a solid back to a liquid).  He designed his plan in class and conducted his experiment at home.  He reflected on his experiment and got to share his experiment with other parents in the class last November 27th.  He also shared his portfolio with his dad on the same day. 


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