Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mommy School ~ Vv is for Van

Aaahhhh...the holidays are upon us!  Because of the amount of winter parties we are attending this week, I decided to keep it short and sweet for Letter Vv, which we covered on Tuesday.

We read Jane Belk Moncure's My "v" book, followed by our van craft.

Pipe cleaners were a favourite!  Here, Kai was using pipe cleaners to make Vv's and match uppercase/lowercase Vv's.  I also asked him to dot-mark uppercase V green & lowercase v blue.  We counted the green and blue Vv's together.

We didn't do an uppercase V craft since Kai made one in playgroup before.
Vv is for violets in a vase

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Deborah said...

We have a set of those books too { Jane Belk Moncure books }. :o)

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