Friday, 10 January 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Letter Hh

This was Keefe's first week back in school from winter break. The letter of the week was Hh. Keefe's preschool teacher has this hand-drawn and hand-written Hh poster on one of the classroom windows. She has the same thing for all letters of the alphabet! The first time I saw them, the posters were posted all over...the class bathroom (yes!). She told me she wanted her kids to remember the alphabet through visualisation and besides, it's better than having them tucked away in boxes where kids don't see them - ha! She changes the letter poster on the window every week to correspond to the letter/sound taught for the particular week.

The class always makes a letter of the week craft, which gets posted on the classroom window along with the letter poster. For this week, they made a hedgehog craft out of brown construction paper and toothpicks.

(Handwriting rhyme for H - Scoop up, down the horse's head to the hooves and over his back.)
Keefe wrote his cursive 'h' in his sound book and showed me the things he drew that started with the /h/ sound. That's his finger in the picture telling me that his teacher forgot to label 'hair' beside the hat he drew :). 


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