Thursday, 30 January 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Letter Mm {with freebie learning pack!}

Week of 20th January 2014
Mm poster

Mm is for moose craft. The moose's ears were made from tracing Keefe's right and left hands and he had to cut them out. 

Mm sound book ~ I love that Keefe drew Maximiliano's dad, Marcelo Diaz, who is a football player with one of the football clubs. It's amazing how preschoolers know their friends' parents' names!
(Handwriting rhyme for M - Scoop up to Maisie's head, down Maisie and over the two mountains)

27th January 2014
Keefe was absent from school on Monday due to fever so we did some Mm work at home. He is getting better with rhyming but definitely needs more practice!

Keefe played with bubbles before picking up Kai in Gymboree. There was a sudden downpour of snow when we picked Belle up in the afternoon! The snow lasted only for a few minutes and it was all bright and sunny after that. What an unpredicatable weather!


Lopez Land Learners said...

Your little guys are adorable. I enjoyed perusing the preschool work going on with you all. Great start to learning!

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