Thursday, 23 January 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Letter Rr {with freebie learning pack!}

Keefe's preschool teacher started on letter Rr last Thursday.
Rr poster

Rr is for robot craft

Rr sound book
(Handwriting rhyme for R - Scoop up, down the robot, back up and over his arm.)

Keefe has been working on the learning packs that I make for him as part of our afterschooling. The learning pack targets literacy and math skills which we are working on together: ending sounds, rhyming (a difficult skill for Keefe!), high frequency words, short vowel /a/ word families, subitizing and ten frames (up to 20), number sequencing 1-30, counting backwards from 10, what comes next/before/between (1-10), and skip counting by 10's. 


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