Monday, 9 June 2014

Grade 1 & Preschool 2 ~ Annual Sports Day

Belle had her Sports Day last Friday morning.  This is the view of the school field.

She did a lot of jumping and running...

...pulling (tug-of-war!), balancing and crawling (obstacle courses!) with her best buddies.

Keefe had his Sports Day on the same day but in the afternoon.  He was grumpy for about an hour due to the hot weather so he did only two stations (soccer and jumping).  He felt better after an hour and participated in an obstacle course.  His favourite part was dancing to the "Hokey Pokey" song!

Kai had a lot more fun than Keefe, and did more stations than his big brother.  He loved riding the tricycle the most, not to mention dancing to "Hokey Pokey"!

Every student was treated to an ice cream at the end of the Sports Day.  Even Kai got one, thanks to Keefe's preschool teacher!


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