Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Last Day of School

This was Keefe’s first year at the international school since our move last year, and he had a wonderful year!  His class celebrated the end of the year with a disco dance party (yep!).

The song Keefe’s class sang during their last week in school

Keefe's year-end portrait

Keefe's last day of school special snack

Keefe’s teacher compiled photos and selected work that he has done for the whole year into a portfolio/scrapbook.  It was a wonderful way to look back at something he has done/learnt and the different festivals they celebrated in class.

The alphabet crafts that Keefe did in school to go along with their Jolly Phonics programme.

And finally, Keefe with his lovely teachers who have nurtured him throughout the year!


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