Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mommy School ~ Ii is for Ice Cream

~Kai is 38 months, 1 week old~

Day 1

I made some chocolate playdough and vanilla playdough, and set up a small ice cream shop for Kai to play with.  

He enjoyed scooping the "ice cream" into individual cups (from Italy!), and topping them with whipped cream (cotton) and a cherry (red pom-pom).  Of course, he couldn't resist having a bite of the ice cream cone!  He continued playing with his ice cream shop the next day.

Day 2

We read The Ice Cream King and after reading the book, Kai said he wants to share chocolate ice cream with me.  (Later during the day, Kai made a sundae from his shop, got two spoons and pretended to eat the chocolate ice cream with me.) J

We made our ice cream craft.  Kai kept commenting why the letter I is an ice cream cup!

He also did an alphabet maze.  He saw his big brother's ice cream worksheet on my desk and insisted he wanted to do it.  I was surprised he did extremely well with this letter matching activity!

Of course, Kai had ice cream before calling it a day.  Aren't those Disney Cars ice cream adorable? (And they're only available during summer!)


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