Friday, 22 January 2016

Exploring the Arts ~ Week One

As part of Kai's "Exploring the Arts" theme, we have been making art all week!

Puffy Paint Snowy Day Art

Snow started falling in Basel on Sunday so reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats was the perfect start of our week!  We made snow paint by mixing equal parts of white glue and shaving cream.  Kai used the puffy paint to paint a snow scene and Q-tips to make the snow.  We let the paint sit overnight to dry and then added a cut-out of Peter playing in the snow.

The Dot Art

We read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  I placed a circle in the middle of a white paper and Kai painted dots all around using different coloured dot markers.  I peeled away the centre circle to reveal the centre "dot by NOT painting a dot."  Kai then signed his name to "make his mark."

Mouse Paint Torn Paper Art

We read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh to learn about colour mixing.  Kai practiced tearing paper, which was difficult for him!  So for the background, I helped him tear red, yellow and blue paper.  Kai mixed primary colours to make new colours, which he painted onto the bottom body of each mouse (made using torn white paper).  Kai added pink tails, pink ears and black eyes to finish off the artwork.

Colourful Clown Art

Kai's class was talking about the Basler Fasnacht (Basel's famous carnival) in school so we decided to do a colourful clown art.

Flat Art vs Fat Art

Kai's class got a visit from a Basel author who talked about the Festival of the Griffin (Vogel Gryff).  Kai suggested that we make a lion art.  To integrate math and the arts, we made a flat art (2D) and fat art (3D).  Kai made the 2D lion art by dipping a plastic fork in orange paint and painted it around the circle that I drew.  When the paint dried, he added in the details for the lion's face.  (This art idea came from Crafty Morning.)  The 3D lion art, inspired by Art Project for Kids, turned out to be more complicated so I ended up making it (except the lion's face!).

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