Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Grade 1 ~ Spotlight on Art

Belle’s current unit of inquiry is “A Work of Art”.  Belle loves art since young so she enjoys this unit a lot.  As a culmination of the current unit, parents were invited to an evening of scrapbooking to see their children’s artwork and to create a scrapbook with their children to keep as a memory.  I wasn’t able to attend the scrapbook evening so Belle’s teacher sent hers home and we worked on the scrapbook together from home.  Here's a peek at her scrapbook:

The cover page, which we decorated with stickers, ribbons and alphabet cut-outs

The first graders studied the work and style of famous artists, and created their own art pieces following the artist’s style.

(Top left) Belle’s favourite artwork was the “Japanese Bridge” by Claude Monet which she re-created with watercolours.

(Bottom left) Belle's rendition of abstract flower pictures using warm and cool colours, as inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.

(Top right) Cupcake pop art, in the style of Andy Warhol.  She explained to me that she could only use 4 colours for pop art.

(Middle right) Belle's Picasso-inspired portrait, in the Cubist style, using oil pastels and paint.

(Bottom right) Abstract art using cut paper, as inspired by Henri Matisse

Belle's other art pieces where she applies different art techniques learnt from other first grade teachers.

Belle’s Elmer project from German class.  This is her story of Elmer, translated into English:

Elmer is happy.
It is is orange, dark green, violet, pink, light green, red, blue and turquoise.
Elmer is very large.
He is spotted and floral.
Elmer is strong, funny, beautiful and kind.
Elmer has a big nose.
Elmer is very, very young.
It is a girl.


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