Friday, 9 May 2014

Preschool 2 ~ Mother's Day Celebration

All moms in Keefe’s preschool class were invited to a Mother’s Day brunch this morning. 

 The kids lined up and served their moms bread (with butter and jam), apple and strawberry muffins that the class baked yesterday.  Keefe asked me what I'd like to drink and relayed the message to his teacher: "My mom wants coffee with milk and sugar."

The class sang "We Love Mommies" song in English (to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?"):
We love mommies, we love mommies,
Yes we do, yes we do
Mommies are for hugging
Mommies are for kissing
Yes we do, yes we do.

The class also recited a Mother's Day poem in German.  Each child then gave handmade presents to their moms: plant holder made during a clay workshop, a photo frame made during German class with a German message (Keefe remembered my favourite colour!), and a stalk of rose.  The German message read:

Liebe Mama 
(Dear Mama)
Ich bin klein, mein Herz ist gross. 
(I am small, my heart is big.)
Jetzt nimm mich schnell auf deinen Schoss. 
(Now take me quickly on your lap.)


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