Thursday, 8 May 2014

Gymboree Preschool 1 {Letter Aa}

It has been almost half a year since Kai started preschool in Gymboree.  This was Kai on his first day of preschool, taken on 2nd September 2013.  He was 29 months old then!

He has gone through one cycle of Zoo-Phonics in six months and can confidently associate all the lowercase letters with the Zoo-Phonics animals except for Yy and Zz which he missed because of family vacation.  He has matured over the months and his oral language has been impressive, especially in the recent weeks.  He is able to speak in complete sentences, ask questions and is very happy in Gymboree.  

The preschool class started their second cycle of Zoo-Phonics this week so Kai is back with Letter Aa

Zoo-Phonics Animal: Allie Alligator
Motion: Extend arms forward, one over the other, to form an alligator's mouth.  Open and close your hands/arms and say the letter sound /a/.

Letter Aa crafts from school:
ant, alligator, apple

I love the apple craft where Kai had to fingerpaint three black seeds inside his apple to signify that he is three years old!


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