Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mommy School ~ Dd is for Dinosaur

We did the dinosaur theme over three days.  None of my kids were into dinosaurs when they were little so we don’t have any books and toys about dinosaurs!  

I borrowed Ten Terrible Dinosaurs and Could a Tyrannosaurus Play Tennis Ball? from the school library.  Kai liked the rhyming text of Ten Terrible Dinosaurs and the ending.  He sat through the second book, which is an alphabet book of dinosaurs from A-Z doing something active, e.g. Brachiosaurus playing basketball, Deinonychus dancing, Kentrosaurus flying a kite.  Although humorous, he couldn't care much about the book.

Day 1

Matching letters to spell "dinosaur"

Day 2

Day 3

I pre-cut all the shapes for our dinosaur craft and Kai glued them down.

A Look Back at Dinosaurs in London

Back in March 2014, we were in London and visited the Natural History Museum which has a big exhibition of dinosaurs.  The kids had fun looking at the huge dinosaur skeletons. 

 The highlight of our visit was coming face-to-face with a terrifying T-Rex! J
Kai’s finished work for Dd is for Dinosaur


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