Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mommy School ~ Ff is for Firetruck & Fireman

~Kai is 37 months, 1 week old~

I don’t think there is any boy who doesn’t want to be a firefighter when he grows up!  Keefe was very much into firemen and firetrucks when he was Kai’s age so we had a good collection of fire-related books and toys.  These came in handy during our firetruck/fireman theme, which we did over three days.

Day 1

Before I cut the number puzzle, we played a game where Kai covered the number I call out using Unifix cubes.  By the end of this game, Kai could recognise numbers 8 and 10.  He didn't want me to help him glue the number strips.

Day 2

We made our fireman craft (idea from here).  I helped him glue the hose (twine) and flames (yellow cellophane paper).

Day 3

Kai surprised me by correctly identifying all the objects that were different!  He told me that "different is not the same". J

Counting objects 1-10 and using Unifix cubes to cover the correct number

Kai’s finished work for Ff is for Firetruck/Fireman


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