Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Aa is for Alligator

This was Day 2 of our Letter Aa week.  
Kai knows this letter very well because of Zoo-Phonics' "Allie Alligator" from school.  We read Scholastic's "The Adventures of Abby Alligator" which he didn't enjoy.  I borrowed "Alligator Baby" from the school library and didn't plan to read it to him due to the long text but surprisingly, he LOVES this book!  He wanted to read this over and over again.  I used the alligator printables from Belle's preschool days. 

Cutting, learning the Chinese characters for big 大 and small , one-to-one correspondence (he is getting better at this and enjoys matching the number in the swamp to the alligator cards), finger tracing numbers

I read about embedded picture mnemonics here in helping children learn letter-sound relationships more quickly.  I plan to do crafts with Kai for uppercase and lowercase letters (not sure if we can make it to Z!).  I pre-cut everything and showed him how the alligator craft looks like before he started working on his craft.  He glued everything down himself and didn't want any help from me except for putting a "special" glue onto the googly eyes.

Kai "reading" Alligator Baby


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