Monday, 7 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Aa is for Ambulance

We did letter Aa activities five days before Kai turned three.  I decided to do “intentional” home preschool with him to reinforce the letters/letter sounds he has learnt at Gymboree so far, to expose him to math concepts (number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, shapes, patterns, size sequencing) and other non-academic skills like pre-writing, art/craft, cutting/pasting, puzzles, cooking/baking.  We do these activities after lunch for about 45 minutes before picking Belle and Keefe up from school.  We always start our home preschool by reading a book that goes with the theme for the day, followed by printables.  We’ve had a good week and Kai looks forward to it everyday.  In his words, “I want to study.”

31.3.2014 ~ Dot painting Aa’s and painting the ambulance.  Our book for the day was "Ambulance in Action".

31.3.2014 ~ Left-to-right tracing, cutting, finger tracing number 1, colouring number 1

6.4.2014 ~ Kai wanted to "study" on a Sunday night so we did the 4-piece ambulance puzzle, sorting uppercase and lowercase letter Aa, cutting ambulances and pasting them onto the letter A

Some of Kai’s finished work for Aa is for Ambulance


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