Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Bb is for Basel and Blocks

~Kai is 3 years old~

Since we temporarily live in Basel, I decided to do Bb is for Basel on Day 1 of our Letter Bb week.  On Monday after picking Kai up from Gymboree, we explored all the Bb’s that we could find in Basel.

We saw the Bahnhof Basel SBB (Basel's main train station), the Burger King and the local Bank Coop.  We went inside the bank to take a look at one of the ATM machines.

We stopped by the local supermarket and saw butterweggli (Kai's favourite bread) and broccoli (not Kai's favourite vegetable!).  Kai bagged the bread into a bag with a biscuit stuck in his mouth.  On our way home, we saw ladybugs (which are actually beetles!).  When we got home, I showed Kai the Bebbi Sagg (the official blue garbage bag for Basel-Stadt).  

We just took it easy after lunch and played with Lego blocks, which Kai received for his 3rd birthday.  We tried making the letter B out of blocks and he thought it was funny peeking through the holes!


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