Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Ee is for Elephant

Today is the last day of our Letter Ee week before we go off for our Easter holidays tomorrow.  I came to know about Elmer the Elephant from Keefe, who never failed to borrow the Elmer series of books whenever he had his library days in school.  He asked me to buy this book for him during last year's winter market in school.  I decided to read it to Kai today as part of our elephant theme.

6-piece elephant puzzle (Kai is not much into puzzles so doing this independently is still a challenge for him), shapes, feeding the elephant with popcorns.  He enjoyed this activity the most but couldn't control himself from eating some popcorns while counting!  I only gave him number cards 1-6 and a bowl of popcorn.  We worked on number recognition and counting.  We still need to work on the number 6.  

We made our E for elephant craft, inspired by Elmer.  I pre-cut everything using the template from here.  It was a great way to practice colours and positional words -- I'd call out a colour and ask Kai to glue it below or next to a certain colour.

Kai's finished work for Ee is for Elephant


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