Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Aa is for Apples

This happened on 2nd April 2014, which was Day 3 of our Letter Aa week.

Dot painting letter Aa, matching uppercase and lowercase a, matching applesapple cut and glue, shape tracing, letter Aa maze (he found this challenging so I guess we'll have to shelve alphabet mazes for a while until he's more comforable with them)

We read Ten Apples Up on Top!  - he LOVED the story!  I cut out a photo of him and he placed 10 apple stickers on top of his photo.  He loved this!  He painted an apple afterwards.

 6-piece puzzle (this was still challenging for him so we will keep working on it), number puzzle (he was able to do this independently after a few tries), colour matching (I didn't plan to do this with him as I thought it might be too difficult due to the different shades of green, yellow and red.  However, he matched all the apples perfectly!), counting apples (by transferring red pom-poms using tongs)

After picking Kai up from Gymboree, we went to the local Coop to buy apples.  We baked apple squares in the afternoon.  Here he was beating the eggs, putting diced apples into the baking bowl (while Keefe mixed) and giving all the ingredients a last stir.  He tried the apple squares after it baked in the oven but decided he didn't like it!


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