Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Bb is for Blue Birthday

I had a few ideas for the last day of our Letter Bb week until I decided to do a Bb is for Blue Birthday as an ending for Kai’s birthday week.  I didn’t have time to prep because of Keefe’s circus performance in school that morning.  

We read Franklin's Birthday Party.

 Kai helped me with baking blueberry muffins.  He stirred the mixture and the blueberries, and placed blue paper muffin cups onto the muffin tin.  We arranged the blueberry muffins in the shape of a lowercase b on top of blue doily.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and he blew a blue candle while wearing his blue birthday hat.  He ate his blueberry muffin and loved it.

 Finding all the Bb's (here he was using the dot marker as a telescope to help him find the Bb's), dot painting B, and playing with balloons

Shape tracing (we have to work on pentagon and hexagon), left-to-right tracing, matching, colouring the big presents (after he did this, he drew lines to connect all the small presents without me prompting him!), finding the "different" item (we need more practice with this but he learnt that "different" means "not the same")

Number puzzle 1-10 to practice number recognition & number order

Our b is for balloon craft.  Because there were a lot of balloons to glue, big brother Keefe helped him halfway through this activity.

Kai's finished work for Bb is for Blue Birthday


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