Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Cc is for Carrot {Part 1}

I had both boys at home today so it was chaotic!  Kai couldn’t focus well with Keefe around and even had a meltdown.  Since Keefe was home, I decided to do a carrot theme since it tied in nicely with his “From Seed to Supper” unit of inquiry in school, and we happened to have The Carrot Seed in our bookshelf.  Keefe and I bought the carrot seeds from a local supermarket this morning, but I told him we were not going to plant the seeds as it takes very long for carrots to grow and you need a proper garden to grow them!  I bought them simply because I wanted the boys to see how carrot seeds look like.

I made the printables myself (except for the triangle tracer) ‘cos I couldn’t find any carrot printables!  You can see Kai's sad look on the top picture because he wasn't happy with how he traced his heart shape.  He wanted me to erase the extra line on the side.  He wasn't into colouring his carrots today and asked me to help him colour some of them.  He now knows the concept of "medium" size but he intentionally sorted the medium and big carrots in the wrong columns, and had a bad meltdown.  I told him we'd call it a day and continue with the carrot theme next week when we're back from our Labor Day holidays.

Keefe worked on his sight word “said” and we learnt the life cycle of a carrot and a bean plant.  He also worked on a plant word search and did very well!


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