Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Ee is for Eggs

~Kai is 3 years, 1 week old~

Yesterday, we had some friends over for an Easter party at home.  I only planned for 5 kids but we had 2 surprise guests in the last minute.  I baked muffins in the morning and bought some adorable bunny bread from the local Coop.  I boiled a dozen eggs and packed all the chocolate treats for the egg hunt.

A friend and I hid all the treats in our garden.  I hid the two biggest treats - an Easter bunny and a big Easter egg which took a while to be found.  Everyone had fun hunting for Easter treats!

I bought two decorating kits from Germany for the kids to paint and decorate their eggs.  They had so much fun that I had to boil the remaining 10 eggs left in the fridge!  The brown eggs seemed to have absorbed the dye better than the white eggs.

Belle tried making two-toned eggs while the boys used stickers to decorate their eggs.

Today, we continued with our egg theme.  We read Mickey's Easter Hunt.  Kai didn't seem interested with this book - probably because of the long text.  

Dot painting E, hunting for Ee's (he is getting better at this!), matching eggs

I set up 5 plates with grass (to look like nest) and placed number cards on each plate.  I gave Kai a basket with eggs (from yesterday's!) and asked him to read the number and put the corresponding number of eggs onto the plate.  Here he was double-checking that he had 5 eggs on the number 5 plate.  He can now easily recognise numbers 1-5. 

I asked Kai to peel an egg so we could make an eggshell craft.  He peeled one halfway and started eating the egg so I helped him peeled the remaining two eggs.  I pre-cut the lowercase e and glued it with the paper eggshells.  Kai glued the peeled eggshells on the paper.  Keefe and I helped him complete the craft 'cos he wanted to eat his egg! 

 Kai made an Easter basket and a peek-a-boo chick craft in preschool this week, which tied in nicely with our egg theme!

Kai's finished work for Ee is for Eggs


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