Monday, 28 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Cc is for Crane

~Kai is 3 years, 3 weeks old~

We are back with Mommy School today after being away for more than a week for our Easter holidays. I decided to do a crane theme after seeing Royal Baloo's crane pack.

Our read-alouds were Lofty (Bob the Builder's crane friend) and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. I brought out a crane from one of our Lego sets. Kai loved playing with this.

Kai cheekily placed the crane on his paper while he dot-painted the letter Cc's. This was the first time I brought out our stamping set and he enjoyed stamping Cc's all over the crane. He did a matching activity and was trying to tell me that he matched one of the C's incorrectly and wanted me to erase the wrong line. Sorting the uppercase and lowercase Cc's is now a breeze for him.

Kai's pencil grip is steadily improving and he is slowly tracing his lines neatly. 

Kai's scissor skill has also improved and I noticed that he is able to cut lines straighter than before.

The highlight today was when Kai independently wrote a number 3 on a piece of paper. I was surprised when I saw it so I asked him to do it again. He wrote the number 3 two more times and was very proud of himself! Hooray!

Kai's finished work for Cc is for Crane


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