Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mommy School ~ Letter Uu

We worked on Letter Uu last week, as I realised that Kai’s preschool only briefly touched on this letter (more like an hour!).  The Zoo-Phonics animal for letter Uu is Umber Umbrella Bird so I decided on an umbrella theme

Day 1 – Dot painting the umbrellas, Letter Uu vocabulary cards

Day 2 – I decided to set up learning stations (inspiration from here) so that Kai has an idea of the activities that we will be working on that day.  Kai loves this set-up!  He did everything except for the math station.

Painting the umbrella (and later on, gluing on the umbrella shapes under the painted umbrella), coluring umbrellas, dot painting the uppercase and lowercase u, lacing, 3-piece puzzle.  Kai also did left-to-right tracing and cut umbrellas to practice his scissor skills.

We had a free trial account for Reading Eggs from school (which has since expired) and Kai loves to play with the activities.  Here he is looking at pictures/words beginning with letter Uu, finding the same letter Uu object, finding all the lowercase u on the dump truck, and helping the umbrella bird search for lowercase u.  


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